Sadqa, a type of voluntary charity given with a specific intention and purpose, acts as a protective shield for your life and possessions, as well as for the individuals on whose behalf it is given. Sadqa serves as a defense mechanism, warding off unforeseen calamities, sudden disasters, emotional distress, worries, anxieties, confusion, stress, and anguish. Additionally, it provides spiritual strength to facilitate swift recovery from illnesses.

The SadqaQurbani Association understands that goats are the preferred choice for Sadqa, but depending on the blessings from ALLAH, sacrificing a cow is also acceptable. However, we acknowledge that goats and cows can be expensive in the cattle markets. To assist those who wish to offer goats as Sadqa, our association ensures that goats and cows are available 24/7 at affordable prices in our Centers throughout Lahore City. Additionally, individuals have the option to slaughter the goat or cow themselves or have us do it in their presence.

GOAT (10KG - 12KG)

$ 75
  • Includes Butcher Charges

GOAT (15KG - 18KG)​

$ 100
  • Includes Butcher Charges

GOAT (20KG - 23KG)​

$ 125
  • Includes Butcher Charges


$ 350
  • Includes Butcher Charges